Fire Safety Out in the Bitterroot

We live in one of the most world-renowned places to fish, camp, hunt, and engage in all sorts of outdoor activities. Each year, however, our valley can also become a very dangerous place for those who don’t properly handle fire. Here are some tips for enjoying the Bitterroot Valley safely year-round.

  1. Pay attention to the weather, and understand what “fire weather” is. Here’s a great link to get you started.
  2. Follow any burn bans in your area; they’re not put in place to make things inconvenient. They’re put in place when conditions are such that any type of fire — even just you burning a small pile of brush or the sparks from using your chainsaw — can get out of control extremely quickly.
  3. When you’re in an area where campfires are allowed, make sure that your fire is cold to the touch before you leave it. Don’t just pour a bottle of water on it — that’s not enough.
  4. Keep in mind where you are at all times when you’re outdoors, especially in wildland areas. Know how to quickly leave the area you’re in.